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Bath Bomb DIY Kit

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The Urban Kangaroo Deluxe Bath Bomb DIY Kit includes everything you need to create your own essential oil bath bombs right from the comfort of your own home. It takes only about 30 to 45 minutes of hands on time — and no special equipment — to make 15+ of your own bath bombs.


The kit contains 100% all natural, locally sourced ingredients. No artificial ingredients, scents, or vegetable oil fillers. This kit was designed with you and your health in mind!


What’s in the DIY kit?

+ coarse Himalayan sea salt

+ fine Himalayan sea salt

+ food grade citric acid

+ food grade baking soda

+ California grapeseed oil

+ lavender & vanilla essential oil blend

+ bergamot & grapefruit essential oil blend

+ large aluminum bath bomb molds

+ small aluminum bath bomb molds

+ sprayer bottle

+ packaging tissue paper

+ bath bomb stickers (32)

+ step by step written & video tutorials

How many bath bombs does the kit yield?

+ 15 to 20 essential oil bath bombs

What you will need from home?

+ a large mixing bowl

+ water or alcohol

+ paper towel

Why purchase an Urban Kangaroo DIY kit?

+ Complete DIY kit with everything included - Professional packaging, pre-portioned ingredients, and a no mess clean-up make this the perfect gift for everyone.

+ Easy to follow video tutorials - Following our step-by-step instructions you will experience the magic of making your own bath bombs from scratch in the comfort of your home.

+ Made in USA with premium ingredients - Our DIY kits are proudly handmade in California, with locally sourced ingredients and supplies, by the women-led team at Urban Kangaroo.

+ Just because it’s fun - The Urban Kangaroo DIY kits promote hands-on learning that’s fun for all ages. Make on your own, with friends or family, or get the little ones involved to make memories and traditions. 

+ 110% satisfaction guarantee - We will do anything it takes to ensure you have a great DIY experience! If you are not completely satisfied with our DIY kit, we promise a replacement kit of your choice or an immediate refund.

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Looks great, but the box was opened.

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