Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

What you'll need:
- Cut cord into six 8' lengths & two 2' lengths
- A wood ring
- A hook to hang your project (or tape to table)
- Scissors
Knots used:
- Wrapping knot
- Square knot
Alternating square knot
Tape the ring to the table
Run the 6 cords through the ring
Use one of the 2' cord to make a wrapping knot at the top of your cords
Separate your cords into 3 groups of 4 cords
Starting with 1 group of 4 cords
Tie 3 square knots
Repeat on the other 2 groups of cords
Drop 12" and tie 3 square knots
Drop 6" to 8" (depending on the size of your plant pot)
Tie a row of alternating square knot followed by two square knots
You'll use the inner cords to tie to knots, this connect the 3 groups and makes a net for the pot
Drop 4" to 6" (depending on the size of your pot)
Gather all the cords and make a wrapping knot with the other 2' cord
Cut your excess cord as desired
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