Macrame Bag Kit Tutorial

What you'll need:
- Cut cord into 24 (twenty four) 6' lengths
- Two metal rings
- A hook to hang your project (or tape to table)
- Scissors
Knots used:
- Lark's head knot 
- Square knot
- Alternating square knot
Tape the ring to the table
Attach individual cords with lark's head knot to the ring
You'll now have 24 working ropes
Number them 1 - 24 from left to right
Find cords 1,2,3,4
Tie 1 square knot (knowing with 1 & 4)
Remember each square knot is 2 steps
Repeat with cord 5 - 24
Re-number your cords
Leave about 1/2 to 1" gap
Tie a square knot with cord 3 - 6 (alternating square knot)
Repeat with 7-22
Follow the same steps above for the second ring
You'll now have the two sides for the bag
Attach the two sides together with square knots
Repeat alternating square knots with 1/2" to 1" in between
You'll now have 9 rows of alternating square knot
Tie two rows of *tight* alternating square knots in order to secure the bottom of the bag
Tie double knots the entire way
Trim the end of rope
Flip the bag around
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