Lip Balm Kit Tutorial

Combine the beeswax, grapeseed oil, and Shea butter (from one of the aluminum tin) in a microwave-safe cup. Set aside the Shea butter tin for use later.
Heating option 1
Heat 4-6 cups of water in a pot and place the cup in the hot water. Heat on low. The double boiler you have just made will allow the mixture to melt safely.

Heating option 2
Microwave in 10 seconds increments & stir in between.
Once the mixture has completely melted, use a dish towel to CAREFULLY move the cup away from heat. 
Add the vitamin E oil to the mixture.
Add the flavor oil to the mixture. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
Use a pipette to transfer the mixture into the lip balm tins and tubes. ** If the mixture begins to solidify in the pipette, simply put the glass cup back to the pot (or microwave) and warm the mixture up again. **
If you would like to add color at any point, you may add a small dab of your favorite lipstick and melt it into the other ingredients. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
You will be able to fill eight lip balm tubes and two lip balm tins.  Allow the lip balms to cool completely & decorate with stickers.
(For Party Size Lip Balm Kit)
Repeat the steps above for batch #2 and batch #3 with different flavor oils. 
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