Cloud Soap Kit Tutorial

Place one bag of the pre-cut soap cubes in a microwave safe container and heat the soap in microwave for 30 seconds.  If soap cubes are not completely melted, slowly stir the soap carefully for a few seconds and microwave for additional 10 seconds or until completely melted.
Remove soap from microwave carefully and add the essential oil blend of your choice into the soap mixture. Stir carefully.
Carefully add one drop of food coloring to the mixture.
Slowly stir the mixture carefully for a few seconds. You may add a few extra drops of food coloring to achieve your desired color.
Place silicone molds on a cookie sheet to give it stability when moving. Carefully pour the soap mixture into cavities.
When soaps return to room temperature, carefully un-mold the soaps. 
Repeat the steps above for batch # 2 with different essential oil blend  & color. For best results, allow your soaps to sit for at least 12hrs before using.
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