Bath Bomb DIY Kit Tutorial

In a large mixing bowl, combine the dry ingredients: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Himalayan Salts, and Epsom Salts. 
Mix the ingredients evenly, breaking up any clumps of powder.
Slowly drizzle grapeseed oil and essential oil blend over the dry ingredients, mixing everything until it is evenly combined.
Test a bit of the mixture in the palm of your hand - It should stick together like wet sand.
If it crumbles or appears dry, fill the spray bottle with water or rubbing alcohol and add 10 - 20 pumps of the spritz to your mixture each time. Stir continually.
Once the mixture is well-blended, you will be ready to add your mixture to your molds.
Each mold should be filled to the point at which the tops of molds are “mounded over.” 
Place one mold in each hand and push the two mounds together firmly.
Brush away excess parts of your mixture from the edge of your molds. 
At this point your mixture should firmly stick together. If your two mounds are not adhering, check whether the edges of your molds are clean and free of mixture. You can try adding more mixture to the molds, and then repeating steps above.
Gently tap the top of the molds and carefully remove the finished bath bomb from the mold. Place bath bombs on a clean surface and allow them to dry overnight. Repeat this process for the remainder of the bath bombs. 
When the bath bombs are ready to package, wrap the bath bombs with the tissue paper (cut into smaller pieces).
Finish with the stickers provided.
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