Lip Balm Kit Tutorial


Combine the beeswax (1 pack), grapeseed oil (one bottle) and shea butter (from one of the aluminum tin) in a microwave-safe cup. Set aside the shea butter tin for use in step 5.

Heating option 1
Heat 4-6 cups of water in a pot and place the cup in the hot water. Heat on low. The double boiler you have just made will allow the mixture to melt safely.

Heating option 2
Microwave in 10 seconds increments & stir in between.


Once the mixture has completely melted, use a dish towel to CAREFULLY move the cup away from heat. Add the flavor oil (of your choice) and one vitamin E oil to the mixture.


If you would like to add color at any point, you may add a small dab of your favorite lipstick and melt it into the other ingredients. Stir the mixture thoroughly.


Thoroughly wash and dry the tin from Step 1 to use as a lip balm tin. Use a pipette to transfer the mixture into the two tins and eight tubes.

** If the mixture begins to solidify in the pipette, simply put the glass cup back to the pot (or microwave) and warm the mixture up again. **


You will be able to fill eight lip balm tubes and two lip balm tins.  Allow the lip balms to cool completely & Decorate with stickers.

(Party Size Lip Balm Kit)

Repeat the steps above for batch #2 and batch #3 with different flavor oils. Enjoy!

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