Soap DIY Tutorial


Place one bag of the pre-cut Soap Cubes in a large microwave safe container and heat the soap in microwave for 60-90 seconds. If soap cubes are not completely melted, microwave for additional 15 seconds or until completely melted.

Remove soap from microwave CAREFULLY and add the fragrance oil (of your choice).

Add one bag of Himalayan salt to soap and stir until blended.

Place silicone mold on a cookie sheet to give it stability when moving. Carefully pour the soap into 3 cavities being sure to stir the soap mixture before each pour. This will keep the salts well-blended so each bar with have salts in them.

Repeat above steps to make second set of soaps (with different fragrance).

When soap returns to room temperature, carefully un-mold the soap and package them in the clear cello bags.

Apply labels. Enjoy :)