Lip Balm DIY Tutorial


Prepare the tools you need: a glass cup, a pot.

Heat 4- 6 cups of water in the pot.

Carefully transfer the pre-measured Beeswax pellets to the glass cup, and place the cup in the hot water.

Heat on low.

Once the beeswax has completely melted, add Cocoa Butter and Grapeseed Oil to the cup.

If you would like to add more color at this point, you may add a small dab of your favorite lipstick and melt it into the other ingredients.

Add the Peppermint Essential Oil in.

Add a tiny bit of the all natural Stevia in.

Stir the mixture thoroughly.

Turn off the heat and pick up the cup with a dish towel CAREFULLY.

Use the dropper to transfer the mixture into the tubes.

Allow the lip balms to cool completely. Put caps and labels on.