Candle DIY Tutorial


Gather your tools: You will need a SAUCE PAN, SCISSORS, and a DISH TOWEL.

Working on a covered surface, pour one pack of the SOY WAX FLAKES into the GLASS MASON JAR.

Add a few inches of water to the saucepan.

Add the jar of wax. Let it simmer gently on low. Hot wax and simmering water are no joke, so PLEASE BE CAREFUL! When wax is hot enough to smoke, it’s in danger of igniting. NEVER LEAVE HEATING WAX UNATTENDED.

Place a WICK STICKUM on the bottom of the WICK.

Center the wick inside the glass candle jar.

Repeat this step for the remaining jars.

Keep watching as the wax melts. It happens quickly! 

Once the wax is completely melted, turn off the heat. Using the DISH TOWEL to protect your hands, remove the jar of wax from the stove

Add the ESSENTIAL OIL or FRAGRANCE OIL to the melted wax.

Stir carefully.

Slowly pour the wax into the glass containers. Be careful! It's really hot.

Let the wax dry. You can use a chopstick to prop up the wick as it dries.

Once it's completely cool, snip the wick about 1/4" away from the wax.

Put Caps and LABELS on.