Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial


Open the Box.

Prepare the tools you need: a big bowl, a wire whisk or a mixer.

Open the bag of baking soda, and add it into the bowl.

Open the bag of kaolin clay/corn starch, and add it into the bowl.

Add citric acid to the bowl.

Combine the ingredients using a wire whisk or a mixer.

Drizzle Moisturizing Oil Blend (either grape seed oil or apricot kennel oil) over the dry ingredients.

Drizzle Essential Oil Blend over the ingredients.

Use the whisk or mixer to combine all the ingredients again and make sure they are well incorporated.

Be sure to break up any clumps of powder that are in the mixture.

If the mixture is too dry and crumbly, fill the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol or water, and spritz until mixture sticks together. Half bottle of water is good in the climate of California

Once the mixture has been thoroughly blended, take some of the mixture and squeeze in the palm of your hand. If the mixture sticks together like wet sand, it is ready to be molded.

Pack both halves of a mold with enough mixture,  so the tops are mounded over.

With one half in each hand, tightly push the mold together.

Remove excessive powder around the edge to get a smooth finish.

Wait for several minutes before open the mold.

After one side is open, gently tap the other side from top to release the ball from mold.

If you like, you may add flower petals in the mold before pack with the mixture.

Continue until all bath bombs are made. Let the bath bombs harden and dry for 24 - 48 hours before wrapping.

When ready to package, wrap all bath bombs with tissue papers and apply labels on.